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Organizational Level Maintenance

Our task is to train, assist and actively advise in the accomplishment of identified Organizational Level maintenance. This training is accomplished using a combination of English language training (basic and technical terminology), formal classroom instruction and structured On-The-Job-Training. The objective of training is to provide the necessary skills to independently maintain air forces at the specified Organizational Level of maintenance.

Our training includes but is not limited to:

– 0 and I level Training programs:
– Production Analysis
– Pneudraulics Systems
– Egress Systems
– Fuels Systems
– Metals Technology (Sheet Metal & Machinist)
– Structural Repair & Corrosion Control
– Non-Destructive Inspection
– Environmental & Electrical Systems
– Phase Dock & Aero Repair
– Aerospace Ground Equipment
– F-15 Munitions
– F-15 Armament
– Engine System
– Attack Control Systems (A Shop)
– Auto Flight Controls (B-Shop)
– Comm. Nav / ECM (C-Shop)
– Material Control
– Hydraulics
– Quality Control
– English Language Training

Military Police (MP) Training Program:

– Protective Services Course
– Anti -Terrorism Officer Basic Course
– Air Police Advanced Leaders Course
– Air Police Pre-Command Course
– Traffic Management and Collision Investigations Course
– Anti-Terrorism Advanced Course
– High Risk Personnel Security Course
– Air Police Officers Transition Course
– Air Police Advanced Individual Training
– Air Police Officers Leaders Course
– Patrol Response to Active Shooter – Train the Trainer
– Special Agent
– Military Working Dog Trainer/Kennel Master
– Air Police Investigations
– Basic Air Police Course


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